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ConnectWise Tickets

Updated Dec 22, 2023

Create a ConnectWise ticket for Arctic Wolf

After you have configured the ConnectWise® integration, you can create a ticket for any incident.


  • The email address of the user creating the ticket in ConnectWise must be listed as a contact of your organization with Arctic Wolf®.
  • Markdown formatting in comments is not synchronized between your organization and Arctic Wolf.
  1. Sign in to your ConnectWise instance.
  2. Click All > Incident > Create New, and then configure these settings:
    • Company — Select the organization that this incident relates to.
    • Contact — Select a user who is listed as a contact of your organization with Arctic Wolf.
    • Board — Select the board you created in Select a service board.
    • Status — Select the status you created in Select a status for syncing with Arctic Wolf.
    • Configure the remaining required fields.
  3. Click Save to create the ticket and begin syncing with Arctic Wolf.
  4. To add comments and attachments for Arctic Wolf after your ticket is created:

    Note: Attachments added in the Attachments tab are only synchronized with Arctic Wolf after a comment has been added to your ticket. To make sure that your attachment is received promptly, Arctic Wolf recommends that you click New Note to send attachments.

    1. Click New Note.

    2. Select the Discussion checkbox.

    3. Add comments and attachments as needed.

      Note: Make sure that the total attachment size is less than 50 MB, and that each attachment is submitted with a comment.

      Tip: In the Attachments dialog, click Show Options to edit the accepted file formats.

    4. Click Save.

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