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Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE Logs

Updated Jan 31, 2024

Configure the Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE platform to send logs to Arctic Wolf

You can configure the Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE® platform to send the necessary logs to Arctic Wolf®.


Before you begin


  1. Configure log forwarding.
  2. Provide your Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE information to Arctic Wolf.

Step 1: Configure log forwarding

  1. Sign in to the Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE console with administrator permissions.
  2. Click the DEVICE tab.
  3. Click Services.
  4. Select the System Log and Remote Log checkboxes.
  5. In the Remote Log IP Address field, enter the IP address of your Arctic Wolf physical or virtual sensor.
  6. In the Remote Log Port field, enter 514.

Step 2: Provide your Ubiquiti TOUGHSwitch PoE information to Arctic Wolf

  1. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.

  2. Click the Tickets tab, and then do one of these actions:

    • New customers — In the Ticket Type list, select Onboarding. Then, click the existing [Deploy] Site Config: <ticket_subject> ticket.
    • Existing customers — Click Open a New Ticket.
  3. On the Open a New Ticket page, configure these settings:

    • What is this ticket related to? — Select General request.
    • Subject — Enter Syslog changes.
    • Related ticket (optional) — Keep empty.
    • Message — Enter this information for your Concierge Security® Team (CST):
      • Confirmation that you completed the steps in this configuration guide.
      • The IP address or hostname you used during the configuration.
      • Questions or comments that you have.
  4. Click Send Message.

    Your CST will review the details and make sure that Arctic Wolf is successfully processing the logs.

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