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Dell Switch Logs

Updated Jan 31, 2024

Configure a Dell switch to send logs to Arctic Wolf using the CLI

You can configure Dell switch® to send the necessary logs to Arctic Wolf®.


Before you begin


  1. Launch your SSH client.
  2. Provide your Dell information to Arctic Wolf.

Step 1: Launch your SSH client

  1. Connect one end of your modem cable to the CONSOLE port on the Dell switch.

  2. Connect the other end of your modem cable to a serial port on the configuring computer.

  3. In your SSH client, configure these settings:

    • Serial line — Enter COM1.
    • Speed (baud) — Enter 115200.
    • Data bits — Enter 8.
    • Stop bits — Enter 1.
    • Parity — Select None.
    • Flow control — Select None.
  4. Sign in to the CLI with administrator permissions using your SSH client.

  5. Run this command:

  6. Run this command:

    logging <ip_address>


    • <ip_address> is the IP address of your Arctic Wolf physical or virtual sensor.

Step 2: Provide your Dell information to Arctic Wolf

  1. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.

  2. Click the Tickets tab, and then do one of these actions:

    • New customers — In the Ticket Type list, select Onboarding. Then, click the existing [Deploy] Site Config: <ticket_subject> ticket.
    • Existing customers — Click Open a New Ticket.
  3. On the Open a New Ticket page, configure these settings:

    • What is this ticket related to? — Select General request.
    • Subject — Enter Syslog changes.
    • Related ticket (optional) — Keep empty.
    • Message — Enter this information for your Concierge Security® Team (CST):
      • Confirmation that you completed the steps in this configuration guide.
      • The IP address or hostname you used during the configuration.
      • Questions or comments that you have.
  4. Click Send Message.

    Your CST will review the details and make sure that Arctic Wolf is successfully processing the logs.

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