Arctic Wolf Appliances

vLC Uninstallation in an AWS Environment

Updated Jan 9, 2024

Uninstall a vLC in an AWS environment

  1. Decommission the vLC:

    1. Sign in to the MDR Dashboard.
    2. Click Account > Arctic Wolf Appliance Management.
    3. Find the vLC that you want to decommission.
    4. In the Actions column, click *Decommission <appliance>, and then click Decommission <appliance> when prompted.
  2. Turn off termination protection:

    1. In the AWS web console, click to Instances.
    2. Click Actions > Instance Settings > Change termination protection.
    3. Clear the Enable checkbox.
    4. Click Save.
  3. Remove the EC2 instance:

    1. In the AWS web console, click Instance state.

    2. Click Terminate Instance.

      The EC2 instance shuts down and the associated disk resources are removed.

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