Replacing AWN200 Sensor Mirroring Deployment

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Updated Feb 2, 2023

Replacing AWN200 Sensor Mirroring Deployment

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This guide describes how to replace the AWN200 Sensor with the AWN201 Sensor in a mirroring deployment.

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These items are in the box:

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To perform the replacement:

  1. Rack the sensor in its final location.

  2. Cable the new sensor such that:

    • Cables for Ports 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the AWN200 Sensor plug in to Ports 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively on the AWN201 Sensor.

    • The cable for the Management Port, Port 6 on the AWN200 Sensor plugs in to the Management Port, Port 7 on the AWN201 Sensor.

    See the diagrams below for all port numbers.

    Note: The AWN201 Sensor has two more ports than the AWN200 Sensor that you previously deployed.

    Sensor diagrams for AWN200 and AWN201 ports

  3. Plug in and power on the sensor. The illustration below shows the locations of the power plug and button.

    Tip: The Power LED turns green when the sensor is on.

  4. Ping the management IP address that you provided to Arctic Wolf to verify network connectivity.

  5. Wait 15 minutes, and then verify if the Sensor Status LED, which is second from the top, turns green. This means that the sensor is connected to the Arctic Wolf monitoring service.

  6. Email if you cannot perform the above steps successfully.

  7. Use the return label to ship the old sensor back to Arctic Wolf.

  8. Using the ticket for the sensor replacement, contact Arctic Wolf to confirm that sensor connectivity, flows, and logs are functioning correctly.