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Arctic Wolf Customer-Configured Appliance

Updated Feb 2, 2024

Set up an Arctic Wolf customer-configured appliance

Note: This procedure only applies to you if you selected customer-configured appliance on your onboarding form. If your organization selected a pre-configured appliance, do one of these actions:

If you selected customer-configured appliance on your onboarding form, you can set up your Arctic Wolf® appliance after after you receive it.



  1. Configure an Arctic Wolf appliance.
  2. Activate an Arctic Wolf appliance.

Step 1: Configure an Arctic Wolf appliance

Note: If you encounter issues during the standard configuration of the appliance, you can use the serial console as an alternate configuration method. See Serial Console User Guide for more information.

  1. Using a CAT6 RJ45 Ethernet cable, connect the management port on the appliance to a computer.

  2. Turn on the appliance power.

  3. Configure the IP address of the computer interface within the 192.168.190/24 subnet. For example, This enables the web browser to connect to the appliance for configuration.


    • Do not use IP address This is the hard-coded IP address of the appliance.
    • The first serial console screen provides the serial number and the configured IP addresses of the management interface. The display format is similar to <serial-number> [ <ip-address> ].
    • If the DHCP server allows it, the appliance registers as host rtk-<serial_number> You can use that hostname instead of the IP address.
  4. Open the provisioning email, and then click the configuration URL.

    A browser tab with a summary of platform and network configuration details opens with this message: "Applying Configuration to Appliance." When the configuration is applied, a confirmation with the message "Configuration has been applied" is displayed.

  5. Turn off the appliance power.

  6. Disconnect the CAT6 RJ45 Ethernet cable from the computer.

  7. Verify that your network has internet access.

  8. Connect the CAT6 RJ45 Ethernet cable to the outbound connection on your network switch.

Step 2: Activate an Arctic Wolf appliance

Caution: Do not turn off the appliance power or disconnect your appliance from the network until all steps in this procedure are complete.

  1. Open your provisioning email, and then copy the configuration URL.

  2. In a new browser tab, paste the configuration URL.

    The Appliance Installation page opens.

  3. Copy the Activation code value.

  4. Click Click here to install this appliance.

  5. Enter the Activation code, and then click Confirm.

    When the activation code is accepted, a confirmation message, "Congratulations, you're all set! Your device is now connected", is displayed.

  6. On the Appliance Installation page, click Click here to activate this appliance.

    The Arctic Wolf Unified Portal opens in a new browser window.

  7. Sign in to the MDR Dashboard.

  8. Click Account > Arctic Wolf Appliance Management.

  9. Find the appliance that you want to activate.

    When the appliance is activated in the MDR Dashboard, a confirmation with the message, "Success! Physical appliance <appliance_shorthand> successfully activated" is displayed, where <appliance_shorthand> is the name of the appliance.

  10. In the Actions column, click power, and then click Activate physical appliance.

    The status of the appliance changes from Not activated to Activated.

    Caution: The activation process can take several minutes to complete. Do not refresh the Appliance Installation page in your browser during this process.

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