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Managed Security Awareness

Managed Security Awareness Portal User Guide

Updated Apr 4, 2024

Mute an upcoming session

You can mute an upcoming Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness® (MA) program session, quiz, or phishing simulation email. When muted, the content is not delivered to users.


  • Some weeks in the MA program cycle do not have a scheduled activity. When an activity is scheduled, users receive one of these activities: an awareness session, a quiz, or a phishing simulation email.
  • No alternative session, quiz, or phishing simulation is delivered in place of the the muted session.
  • The muted session is not delivered for the remainder of the program cycle, but the topic might be covered in future awareness sessions.
  • If you unmute the muted session after 15:00 UTC on the configured session delivery day, or after 14:00 UTC during daylight saving time (DST), users do not receive the session.
  1. Sign in to the MA Portal.

  2. In the menu bar, click Administration Dashboard.

  3. Click the Session Information tab.

  4. In the Upcoming Sessions table, find the session you want to mute or unmute.

  5. In the Options column, click > Mute This Week or Unmute This Week.

    Table rows with muted sessions are highlighted orange. Sessions that are not highlighted are queued to be delivered as scheduled.