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Managed Security Awareness

Managed Security Awareness Portal User Guide

Updated Apr 5, 2024

Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulations are part of the MA program. When enabled, end users receive a phishing simulation once a month.

Tip: To make sure your end users can receive phishing emails from the MA program, add MA configurations to your allowlist.

See Add MA to email allowlists for more information.

If a user clicks the link in the email, a new window opens with a remediation session titled Don't Panic. The session relates to the phishing simulation they interacted with. It reminds them about previously discussed security practices. After the user completes the remediation session, it is reflected in the Secure Culture Dashboard.

Tip: Routinely visit your Secure Culture Dashboard to identify users who have clicked a phishing simulation link, but have not taken remediations.

See Monitor the Secure Culture Dashboard for more information.

You can manage phishing simulations in these ways:

If your organization uses Microsoft 365 as their email service, you can enhance your phishing simulation experience by adding a report email button. For more information, see Report Email button.