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Managed Security Awareness

Managed Security Awareness Portal User Guide

Updated Apr 4, 2024

View reported phishing simulation data

You can view detailed analytics about the phishing simulation emails that were reported by users in your organization. Analytics include the type and number of reported phishing attempts, date reported, and a phishing reporters list.



  1. Sign in to the MA Portal.

  2. If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), search for the desired customer account, and then click View.

  3. Click Reported Phishing.

  4. Click the Reported Simulations tab.

    The reported simulations page includes this information:

    • A graph that summarizes the percentage of emails that were:

      • Ignored — Users did not click on the email or the content, and did not report as phishing.
      • Reported — Users clicked the Report Email button to report the email as phishing. For a list of users who reported emails as phishing, see View reported emails
      • Clicked — Users clicked the phishing email or the content.
    • A table lists the phishing simulation emails that were reported by users, including the date and time reported, title of phishing simulation, and user name.

  5. (Optional) In the Search field, enter a parameter to filter the entries. For example, the first or last name of a user.

  6. (Optional) Click a column heading to sort data by a specific column.

  7. (Optional) In the Show list, select a different value to change the number of listed entries. The default list view shows 10 entries.

  8. (Optional) Click Next or Previous to navigate between search result pages.