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Managed Security Awareness

Managed Security Awareness Portal User Guide

Updated Apr 4, 2024

Assign supplemental training to a user group

You can assign specific training modules to users based on their needs.



Note: User engagement and test outcomes for supplemental training assignments, including compliance training modules, are included in secure culture statistics and reports.

  1. Sign in to the MA Portal.

  2. In the menu bar, click Content Library.

  3. Browse, search, or filter for a training module that covers the desired topic.


    • Click All Filters to view all filters that you can set. There are also filters for content types. For example, Awareness Session. To reset your filters, click Clear.

    • Review the description to see if the session or module includes multi-language support.

      See Managed Security Awareness for more information.

  4. Click Assign To Group.

  5. In the dialog, select the desired group.

  6. Review the list of group members to confirm your selection.


    • Make sure you select the correct group. Training assignments cannot be removed after they are assigned.
    • You cannot assign a module to a group without members. When integrated with AD, the MA Portal performs live queries of AD to retrieve users and user groups. To edit add or remove members, edit the group in AD.
  7. Click Assign <module> to <x> users.

    A confirmation message appears, and users within the selected group receive an email that grants them immediate access to the assigned module.

  8. Click X or Close to exit the dialog.