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Managed Security Awareness

Managed Security Awareness Portal User Guide

Updated Apr 4, 2024

Manage incomplete compliance training course reminders

Note: This information only applies to incomplete comliance training courses. If you do not have a Compliance Content Pack (CCP) license , you can manage reminders for incomplete Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness® (MA) program sessions. See Manage incomplete session reminders for more information.

You can adjust the frequency and the urgency language of emails that are sent to users when training courses are incomplete. You can configure the settings differently depending on how many incomplete training courses a user has. For example, if you have users with a high number of incomplete training courses, you can increase the frequency of email reminders to those users.



  1. Sign in to the MA Portal.

  2. In the menu bar, click Compliance.

  3. Click the Compliance Incomplete Session Manager tab.

  4. For each applicable column, select the required Frequency of Email option:

    • Monthly (1st)
    • Bi-Monthly (1st, 15th)
    • Weekly (Monday)
    • Daily
  5. For each applicable column, in the list, select the required Urgency of Email:

    • Low
    • Moderate
    • High

    Tip: Click the Low Urgency Email, Moderate Urgency Email, or High Urgency Email tab to preview the email that is sent depending on the Urgency of Email setting.

See Manage incomplete session reminders for more information.