Managed Security Awareness Initial Setup - Step 1

Updated Jan 4, 2024

Enroll users in MA using a CSV file

You can set up your list of users for your MA program using a CSV file.

Note: If you are modifying users or admins for an existing MA program, see Manage users with a CSV file.


  1. Select the integration type:
    1. Sign in to the MA Portal.
    2. Click Settings > User Management.
    3. In the New Integration section, in the Integration Type list, select CSV Upload.
  2. Create the CSV file:


    • Click View Example CSV File to see an example of a correctly formatted CSV file.
    • Make sure that your CSV file includes all MA admins as active users.
    1. Create a CSV file with these column headers in this order, from left to right:
      • FirstName
      • LastName
      • Email
    2. Save the CSV file on your computer.
  3. Upload the CSV file to the MA portal:
    1. Return to the MA portal browser tab, and then click Choose File.

    2. Select the CSV file from your computer.

    3. Click Open.

    4. Review the list of users that populate, and then click Submit.

      The Active User List populates and shows the latest upload date and time.

      Note: The Active User List can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Do not close the browser tab until the list has updated.

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