Managed Security Awareness Initial Setup - Step 1

Updated Aug 16, 2023

Enroll users to your MA program with a CSV file

  1. Create a CSV file with these column headers in this order, from left to right:
    1. FirstName
    2. LastName
    3. Email
  2. Fill in the rows with the corresponding information of the users that you want to add to the program.
  3. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.
  4. If you are an MSP customer, click the wrench to switch customer accounts.
  5. Submit a ticket with the CSV attachment and instructions on how to update the existing user list:
    1. On the menu, click Tickets.
    2. Click Open a New Ticket.
    3. In the contact form, enter a subject and message. Make sure you provide instructions for the CSV file. For example, add, remove, or overwrite the listed users.
    4. Upload the CSV file.
    5. Click Send Message.

Tip: If you are updating the users enrolled in the MA program:

  • Always maintain a CSV file with all your users.
  • Overwrite the existing user list by creating a comprehensive list of users:
    • To add new users for the MA program to the file, add new rows.
    • To remove users from the file that are no longer participating in the MA program, delete rows.
  • Send updates to enrolled users by submitting a comprehensive CSV file to your Concierge Security® Team. See Manage users in the Managed Security Awareness Dashboard User Guide for more information.

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