Managed Security Awareness Initial Setup

Updated Jan 3, 2024

Initial setup of Managed Security Awareness

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness® (MA) delivers security awareness and compliance training through micro-learning sessions, quizzes, automated phishing simulations, and compliance training modules that are delivered to your users by email.

Before you can launch the MA program for your organization, you must enroll your users, configure your email environment, and notify your users of the MA program. With this initial setup, your users will successfully receive the MA emails.



  1. Enroll users to your MA program.
  2. Add MA to email gateway and spam filtering allowlists.
  3. Add MA to email allowlists.
  4. Configure browsers to autoplay MA sessions.
  5. Configure the Report Email button for Outlook.
  6. Notify users of the MA program.
  7. Notify users about the Report Email button.

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