Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty Claims

Updated Sep 6, 2023

Make a warranty claim

If you believe you suffered from a cybersecurity event, you can make a claim against the Arctic Wolf® Security Operations Warranty program.

Note: Cysurance provides all determinations, supporting services, and payments for claims. Arctic Wolf does not provide these items. See Cysurance for more information.

The Security Operations Warranty program is available to Arctic Wolf customers who have opted in to this program and purchased these services:

For more information about your coverage, email or contact your Customer Success Manager.

All eligible customers are subject to the complete and accepted terms and conditions of the program, which may be subject to change. See Arctic Wolf Legal Terms for more information.

Before you begin


  1. Notify your cyber insurance provider. Arctic Wolf Security Operations Warranty is not insurance and does not replace insurance. Your cyber insurer may have important notification requirements.

  2. Consider these limitations related to cybersecurity claims:

    • Only one claim is eligible during each contract year with Arctic Wolf.
    • You must file claims with the cyber insurance provider within 48 hours of incident discovery of the event that triggers the claim.
    • As the program participant, you must have a reasonable belief that your covered losses resulting from the event are at least 5,000 USD.
  3. Email Cysurance to start the claims process:

  4. Prepare to share supporting logs or other information to validate the event and associated damages.

    Note: You have 15 days after discovery to provide Cysurance with information to validate the claim.

    • Update your Arctic Wolf ticket to request the necessary logs for Cysurance. Arctic Wolf will help prepare the data in a folder that you can share with Cysurance.
    • If you request it, Arctic Wolf will use reasonable efforts to provide you with additional supporting data.
  5. Respond promptly to Cysurance with any other requested information.