Arctic Wolf Appliances

vScanner Uninstallation using Azure

Updated Feb 20, 2024

Uninstall a vScanner using the Azure portal

Note: Arctic Wolf® recommends shutting down the vScanner before removing the Azure resources.

  1. Decommission the vScanner:

    1. Sign in to the MDR Dashboard.
    2. Click Account > Arctic Wolf Appliance Management.
    3. Find the vScanner that you want to decommission.
    4. In the Actions section, click Decommission virtual appliance, and then select Decommission Virtual Appliance when prompted.
  2. Remove the virtual machine:

    1. Sign in to Microsoft Azure.
    2. In the All resources section, select the virtual machine to delete.
    3. On the Overview page, click Delete.
    4. In the Delete Resources dialog, select Apply force delete for selected Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine scale sets.
    5. In the Confirm delete dialog, enter yes.
    6. Click Delete.

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