Arctic Wolf Managed Risk Scanner — Manual Configuration

Updated Nov 6, 2023

Migrate your Managed Risk Scanner configuration manually

You can manually migrate all Managed Risk Scanner configurations, preferences, and scan schedules.

Before you begin


  1. Migrate configuration settings and preferences.
  2. Migrate scan schedules.

Step 1: Migrate configuration settings and preferences

  1. In the Risk Dashboard, click Config > Scanner Config.
  2. In the Scanner ID field, confirm that the new scanner is selected.
  3. In the Scanner Configuration section, configure these settings to match the old scanner:
    • Host Identification Scans
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • DenyList IP/Networks
    • Host Collection DNS Servers
  4. Click Troubleshooting Settings.
  5. In the Troubleshooting settings dialog, configure these settings to match the old scanner:
    • Brute force checks
    • CGI scanning
    • Only ping the target

Step 2: Migrate scan schedules

For each schedule that you want to migrate, complete these steps:

  1. In the Scanning Schedule section, click Add a new scan schedule, and then enter all scan schedule details. See Add a new scan schedule for instructions.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. In the Scanner Configuration section, click the magnifying glass, and then select your old scanner UUID.
  4. Click the delete beside the scan schedules that you migrated to the new scanner.
  5. If you have any credentialed scans that existed on your previous scanner, complete Add new scan credentials.
  6. Contact your CST to inform them that you have completed all scanner migration steps. They will validate that all required configuration was successfully migrated to your new scanner.

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