Managed Risk Scanner Migration

Configuration Guide

Overview of Managed Risk Scanner migration

This guide provides an overview of how to migrate these scanner configurations from one scanner UUID to another, for example during an operating system upgrade:

Before you start the migration

Before you migrate scanner configurations, you must:

  1. Follow the instructions for your new virtual or physical scanner installation:
  2. AllowList all IP address ranges, as described in the appropriate installation guide.
  3. On the Risk Dashboard, confirm that your new scanner is registered and can connect to Arctic Wolf. See Scanner Configuration in the Risk Dashboard User Guide for more information.

Migration options

There are two available options to do this migration, choose the option that best suits you.

Credentialed scanning migration

If you have any credentialed scans that existed on your previous scanner, you must add them as new credentials in the Risk Dashboard.

See Credentialed Scanning in the Risk Dashboard User Guide for complete steps.

Contacting your CST

After completing all migration steps, contact your Concierge Security Team (CST) so that they can validate that all required configuration was successfully migrated to your new scanner.