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Updated Feb 12, 2024

Scanning Schedule section

On the Scanner Config page, the Scanning Schedule section displays scans that are scheduled for a selected scanner. To change how the information displays in the Scanning Schedule table, do any of these actions:

The Scanning Schedule table has these columns:

Column Description
Target The targets that the scan is configured to scan.
Next Scan Time The next time that this scan is configured to run.
Schedule The type of schedule for this scan. Possible values are:
  • Continuous — The scan runs continuously.
  • Daily — The scan runs once each day, based on the time that you configure.
  • Weekly — The scan runs once each week, based on the day and time that you configure.
  • Monthly — The scan runs once each month, based on the day and time that you configure.
  • Window (hours) The window that the scan can run within, in hours. For example, 12 am to 8 am. Notes:
  • If you schedule a large scan in a short window, the scan may never complete.
  • If a scan cannot complete within a scheduled window, the scan resumes where the previous scan stopped the next time the schedule runs.
  • Priority The priority of the scan:
  • Low — This scan runs after all other scans are complete.
  • Medium — This scan runs after High priority scans but before Low priority scans.
  • High — This scan completes first before all other scans. Notes:
  • If there is a high priority scan that does not complete in the scanning time window, any low or medium scans never run.
  • If you start a new scan when a scan is in progress, the new priority scan will run after the current scan finishes. This occurs regardless of the priority of the scans.
  • The priority of a scan is used when there are conflicting scan schedules, to determine which scan schedule should be applied. For example, if a target is covered under a daily and a weekly scan, the one with the higher priority would go first. If the priority is the same value, the least recently scanned target is selected. If both schedules are equally least recently scanned, the scans are performed in alphabetical order.
  • Modify Use this column to modify your scan schedule:
  • Click Edit to edit the schedule.
  • Click Delete to delete the schedule.
  • Tip: If the Scanning Schedule table is empty, the sensor scans all hosts on the network that it currently has an IP address on.