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Updated Feb 12, 2024

Scanner Configuration section

On the Scanner Config page, the Scanner Configuration section displays configuration details for the selected scanner.

The Scanner Configuration section displays this information:

Detail Description
Scanner ID The ID of the scanner. Click Details at the end of the ID to choose a different scanner.
Scanner IP Address The IP address of the scanner.
Netmask The netmask of the scanner.
Connection Status The connection status of the scanner. Possible values are:
  • Connected — The scanner is online.
  • Disconnected — The scanner is offline.
Scanning Status The scanning status of the scanner. Possible values are:
  • Scanning — The scanner is actively scanning.
  • Not Scanning — The scanner is not actively scanning.
  • Not Configured — The scanner is not scanning because it is not configured.
  • Misconfigured — There is an issue with the scanner configuration.
  • Disabled — Scanning is not enabled.
  • Degraded — The scanner encountered an issue while scanning.
Tip: See Troubleshoot scanning statuses for help resolving scanning statuses.
Host Identification Scans A toggle that enables or disables host identification scans. Vulnerability Scans must also be enabled for host identification scans to work. When this toggle is clicked to the disabled position, Vulnerability Scanning is also disabled.
Vulnerability Scanning A toggle that enables or disables IVA scans.
Troubleshooting Settings A button that opens the Troubleshooting settings dialog. The dialog includes these troubleshooting settings:
  • Brute force checks — Toggles whether the scanner checks for brute force attempts in your network or not.
  • CGI scanning — Toggles whether the scanner acts as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) or not. When clicked on, it searches for well-known web vulnerabilities in web servers and similar software.
  • Only ping the target — Toggles whether the scanner only scans hosts that respond to pings. See Enable or disable Only ping the target mode for more information.
  • Stop All Scanning Now — Click to disable all future scanning and stop any existing scanning processes.
Caution: Arctic Wolf® does not recommend using the Stop All Scanning Now setting outside of an emergency since it may cause scan restart issues.
DenyList IP/Networks IP addresses or networks that are part of the DenyList. These items are not scanned. See Add an IP address or IP address range to the denylist for more information.
Host Collection DNS Servers The DNS server that you have configured.Note: If this field is empty, Arctic Wolf attempts to auto-discover the server name.