Managed Risk

Risk Dashboard

Updated Jan 25, 2024

Edit risks

You can edit one or more risks at the same time. For example, you can assign a due date, or change the risk State of more than one risk at the same time.


  • You must update the asset in the Asset Catalog to modify the Asset Criticality value.

    See Edit asset criticality for more information.

  • In the Risk Dashboard, Arctic Wolf® Agent marks risks as Obsolete after 45 days. You cannot make any changes. For example, changing the status or assigning a user to these risks.

  1. Sign in to the Risk Dashboard.

  2. In the navigation menu, click Risks.

  3. In the Risks table, select the row for every risk that you want to edit as part of a group. You can review more pages and continue making your selections.

    The number of risks currently selected and options to update or clear your selections is displayed.

  4. Click Update Selected.

    The Bulk Update dialog appears.

  5. Edit one or more of these fields:

    • State
    • Assign To
    • Plan
    • Due Date
  6. Click Update.

  7. (Optional) Click Clear All Selected to clear all selected risks.