Managed Risk

Risk Dashboard

Updated Feb 12, 2024

Risk statuses

All detected risks within your network have a Status value associated with them. This information appears in several Risk Dashboard tables. For example, the Risks table. This value is automatically assigned.

On the Risks page, you can select these risk status values:

Note: These risk status values are also available on the Management Plan page.

Status Description
Active A risk that a recent IVA scan identified on a device that is currently online.
Inactive A risk that a recent IVA scan identified on a device that is either:
  • Currently offline.
  • Not identified in the most recent scan, but is still in an actionable state. The reason that the risk is marked as inactive is displayed under the Status Reason field in the risk details.
Note: If a device that is subject to IVA scanning goes offline, Arctic Wolf® cannot confirm that the risk is mitigated, and the risk is marked Inactive. This is usually due to a network connectivity issue.
Obsolete A risk that has not appeared in vulnerability scanning results for a set number of days:
  • For risks that Arctic Wolf Agent discovers, the number of days is 45.
  • For risks that EVA scans or IVA scans discover, the number of days is 90.
Risks that are marked as Obsolete are removed from the Risks table after seven days.
Mitigated A risk that was mitigated. Mitigated risks are automatically removed 90 days after entering the mitigated state. Note: Risks can have a Status of Mitigated but retain a State of Fixed, Waiting Validation.