Managed Risk

Risk Dashboard

Updated Jan 25, 2024

Download a Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment PDF report includes all of the summary data and details about all risks with a score of 5 or higher.

  1. Sign in to the Risk Dashboard.

  2. In the navigation menu, click any page, except the Scanner Console page.

    Note: The Scanner Console page does not display your current risk score.

  3. Click Risk Assessment.

    The Risk Assessment window opens.

  4. Configure these settings:

    • (Optional) Prepared For — Enter a name for the report.
    • Min Score — Select the minimum risk score for the report. All matching risks with a score greater than or equal to that value will be included in the report.
  5. Select any of these checkboxes to include that data in the Risk Assessment report:

    Note: If you refresh the page, or navigate elsewhere, your selections reset.

    • Network Risk Summary — An overview of your current risk score, industry score, and unresolved risks.
    • Risk Severity Summary — A summary of your risks categorized by severity.
    • 30 Days Summary — A summary of the risks that were identified, new, and ticketed in the last 30 days.
    • Identified Risks — A list of the active risks in your network.
    • Risk Score Trends — Your risk score history as it appears on the Overview page.
    • Risk Classification Summary — A summary of your risks categorized by their remediation actions.
    • Network Risk Overview — A heatmap of your asset health
    • Accepted Risks — A list of the risks that you have acknowledged.
  6. Click Download PDF.

    The PDF file downloads to your device. This report is only available in PDF format.