Managed Risk

Risk Dashboard

Updated Jan 25, 2024

Download an Executive Summary

The Executive Summary PDF report includes all of your scan summary data and details about any risks with a score of 9 or higher.

  1. Sign in to the Risk Dashboard.

  2. In the navigation menu, click any page except Scanner Console.

  3. Click Executive Summary.

    The Executive Summary dialog appears.

  4. (Optional) In the Prepared For field, enter a name for the summary.

  5. Select any of these checkboxes to include that data in the Executive Summary report:

    Note: If you refresh the page, or navigate elsewhere, your selections reset.

    • Network Risk Summary — An overview of your current risk score, industry score, and unresolved risks.
    • Risk Severity Summary — A summary of your risks categorized by severity.
    • 30 Days Summary — A summary of the risks that were identified, new, and ticketed in the last 30 days.
    • Identified Risks — A list of the active risks in your network.
    • Risk Score Trends — Your risk score history as it appears on the Overview page.
    • Risk Classification Summary — A summary of your risks categorized by their remediation actions.
    • Network Risk Overview — A heat map of your asset health.
    • Accepted Risks — A list of the risks that you have acknowledged.
  6. Click Download PDF.

    The PDF file downloads to your device.