Managed Risk

Risk Dashboard

Updated Jan 26, 2024

Review assets

On a monthly or quarterly basis, review your assets. As assets are removed or decommissioned from the environment, remove them from the Asset Catalog. They create clutter and affect your metrics.

  1. Sign in to the Risk Dashboard.

  2. In the navigation menu, click Assets.

  3. In the Filters section, click Clear Filters.

  4. For the Source filter, clear the EVA checkbox.

  5. Do one of these actions:

    • In the Risk Dashboard, in the Asset Catalog section, review your assets.
    • Export your asset information, and then review the assets in a spreadsheet:
      1. In the Asset Catalog section, click Download CSV.

        The Asset Catalog.csv file downloads to your device.

      2. Open the Asset Catalog.csv file, and review the information in Microsoft Excel or another application.

  6. Sort the assets using the Last Seen value.

    Tip: External assets have a Last Seen value of Unknown. Review public-facing IP addresses and domains with your CST on a regular basis. If you implement new systems or changes, contact your CST at to disclose those changes.

  7. Review the assets, and then do one of these actions:

    • If the asset was decommissioned and can be removed — Click Delete to remove it.

      All risks associated with the asset are also removed.

    • If the asset is present and active, but no longer seen by the IVA scanner or Arctic Wolf® Agent — Verify that the IP is still part of the IVA scan schedule and that no firewall rules are preventing the agent from checking in.

      Tip: Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal, and then click > Allowlist Requirements, to view a list of IP address and ports that Arctic Wolf requires on your allowlist. Contact your Concierge Security® Team (CST) at if you need support.