Managed Risk

Risk Dashboard

Updated Feb 12, 2024

Asset Catalog section

On the Assets page, the Asset Catalog section displays a table with all of your assets, sorted by risk score. To change how the information is displayed in the table, do any of these actions:

The Asset Catalog table has these columns:

Column Description
Source The source that discovered the asset. Possible sources include: Agent, EVA, or IVA.
IP The IP address of the asset.
Device Name The name of the asset as it appears on the device or in the Risk Dashboard.
MAC The MAC address of the asset.
OS The operating system (OS) of the asset.
Category The category of the asset, including Desktop or Server. Note: If there is not enough information to classify an asset, the asset appears in the Unknown category.
Last Seen The date and time in UTC that the IP address for this asset was last verified. Note: This value is not the last time that the asset was online.
Last Successful Scan The date and time in UTC of the last complete scan of this asset.
Manufacturer The manufacturer of the asset. Note: This information is only available for the assets that Arctic Wolf Agent discovers.
Risk Score The highest risk score of all active risks for the asset.
Asset Criticality The criticality of the asset. See Edit asset criticality for more information.
Vulnerabilities The number of current vulnerabilities for the asset.
Asset Tags The classification tags that apply to the asset. See Edit asset tags for more information.