Risk Dashboard Troubleshooting

Updated Dec 5, 2023

Troubleshoot the Risk Dashboard

This information provides solutions to common issues with the Risk Dashboard.

Troubleshoot account setup

This information provides solutions to common Risk Dashboard account setup issues.

I did not receive an account verification email

Possible cause: Email filtering or security settings may have sent the account verification email to a spam or junk folder.

Resolution: Check your spam or junk folders for the verification email. If the email is not there, contact your Concierge Security® Team (CST) at security@arcticwolf.com for manual verification.

I cannot set a password for my account using the URL in the email

Possible cause: For security reasons, the URL to set your account password expires after eight hours.

Resolution: Visit the Risk Dashboard, and then click Don’t remember your password?.

The Google Authenticator app will not scan the QR code to add two-factor authentication

Possible cause: The application may not be able to read the QR code because of interference from one of these:

Resolution: Remove all physical and digital screen filters before scanning the QR code.

Troubleshoot scanning statuses

This information provides solutions to resolve various scanning statuses in the Risk Dashboard. See Scanner configuration section for more information.

Scanning status is degraded

Possible cause: The scanner did not complete a scan within 24 hours. A firewall, intrusion detection system (IDS), or intrusion prevention system (IPS) could be blocking traffic to or from the device.


Scanning status is misconfigured

Possible cause:

Resolution: Reconfigure the scanner to address the possible causes.

Scanning status is disabled

Possible cause: Host identification scans and vulnerability scans are disabled.

Resolution: Enable host identification scans and vulnerability scans for the scanner. See Scanner configuration section for more information.

Troubleshoot general issues

This information provides resolutions to common general issues with the Risk Dashboard.

The Risk Dashboard is not behaving as expected

Possible cause: Connectivity issues could cause unexpected behavior in the Risk Dashboard.

Resolution: Perform a hard refresh of the page using these keyboard shortcuts:

A risk changed to "Unsuccessful Validation"

Possible cause: Your changes were not successful in mitigating a specific vulnerability.

When you set the state of a risk to Fixed, Waiting Validation and a subsequent scan of that host still detects the same issue, the system moves the state of that issue to Unsuccessful Validation.

Resolution: Make changes as required to resolve the issue, and then repeat the validation process until the State value of the vulnerability changes to Mitigated.

A risk has the status reason "The risk is confirmed resolved by the user"

Possible cause: After you changed the State value of the risk to Mitigated, the risk became inactive and is no longer scanned.

Resolution: No action needed. For more information about inactive risks, see Risk statuses. For more information about the Mitigated risk state, see Risk states.

The scan takes longer than the designated time window in the scanning schedule

Possible cause: Some scans take up to two hours longer than their scheduled scanning window, depending on:

Resolution: Make sure the target is online and that there is adequate bandwidth resource availability. If the target is online and there is adequate bandwidth resource availability, no further action is needed.

Subnet scans are timing out

Possible cause: The target subnet range is too large.

Resolution: Scan subnet ranges /24 and smaller, excluding /8, /16, or /20. Scanning these large subnet ranges may cause a timeout issue.

For more information about subnet scan ranges, see Managed Risk Scanner FAQ.

Clicking Rescan did not rescan the target host

Possible cause: When a target host is selected for rescanning, the target host is placed at the top of the least recently scanned list. A new scan does not immediately start when you click Rescan.

Note: If the target host is offline at the time of the rescan request, the Risk Scanner attempts to rescan the host. This scenario can happen because risks are not removed from the Risks table until the target host has been offline for more than 24 hours.

Resolution: No action needed. If the target host is online, it will be scanned as capacity increases.

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