Onboarding and Self-Service

Onboarding Portal

Updated Jan 25, 2024

Configure your physical scanner list

You can use the Physical Scanner List section to identify and configure the scanners that Arctic Wolf® will provision and ship.

  1. In the Site Configuration section, expand No physical scanners.

  2. Click + Configure Scanner.

  3. Enter information about the scanner:

    • Scanner Name — Enter a unique name for the scanner.
    • Scanner Model — Select the scanner model.
    • Site — Select the site location.
  4. In the IP Configuration section, enter the IP configuration information. In the Static IP Address field, enter a static IP address.


    • Different options appear depending on the scanner model you select. For example, if the scanner model is Customer Configured Appliance.
    • If you are using a customer-configured appliance, you must provide the static IP address using a serial console session or follow the steps in the configuration email.
    • If you select the I can't provide a static IP address right now checkbox, you are prompted to enable DHCP override and notified that you must configure the static IP address prior to scanner installation.
  5. In the Shipping Contact section, enter the shipping contact information. You can choose an existing contact or create a new one.

  6. In the Shipping Address section, enter the site that Arctic Wolf will provision and ship the sensor to. You can choose an existing site location or create a new one.

  7. In the Shipping Notes section, enter any extra information about shipping that may be required.

  8. Do one of these actions:

    • To configure another scanner, click Save & Add.
    • To stop configuring scanners, click Save.
  9. When you are finished adding scanners, click Mark Complete.