Onboarding and Self-Service

Onboarding Portal

Updated Jan 25, 2024

Internet Exposure

In the Internet Exposure section, complete these actions to configure your vulnerability scan details:

Configure external scan hosts

  1. In the Internet Exposure section, expand External scan hosts incomplete.
  2. Do one of these actions:
    • If you have external hosts to scan:
      1. In the Public IP Addresses/Ranges field, enter all public IP addresses to be scanned.

        Tip: IP addresses are separated by a comma. You can also provide a range marked by a - or use a CIDR block.

      2. In the Public DNS Domains field, enter all public DNS domains to be scanned.

    • If you do not have hosts to scan, select the I don't have any external hosts to scan checkbox.

Configure vulnerability scans

  1. In the Internet Exposure section, expand Vulnerability scan configuration incomplete.
  2. Verify that the external IP ranges shown are correct, and then select the Acknowledged checkbox.