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Incident Response Runbooks

Updated Mar 13, 2024

Incident Response runbooks

Incident Response (IR) runbooks are in-depth guides on how to respond to a cyber attack. Runbooks highlight the response phases and the teams that should be contacted during each phase. Runbook information supplements response actions and does not replace your Incident Response team.

There is a general runbook that prepares you for a cybersecurity incident. We recommended that you read the general runbook and document all findings, gaps, communication weaknesses with your response team.

If a cyber attack occurs, reference an incident-specific runbook. These runbooks provide remediation steps to remove the access that the threat actor has to your systems.

Access runbooks

  1. Sign in to the Cyber JumpStart Portal.

  2. In the navigation menu, click Files.

  3. In the System Generated Files section, find the runbook that you want to view and click Download.

  4. Click Got it!.

    The runbook opens in a new tab.