Incident Response

Updated Feb 20, 2024

Arctic Wolf Incident Response

Arctic Wolf® Incident Response (IR) is an insurance-approved IR service that rapidly remediates any cyber emergency. The IR team eliminates the threat actor’s access to the environment, determines the root cause and extent of the attack, and restores business systems and apps to normal. If required, the IR team can engage in threat actor negotiations. Throughout the engagement, the IR team provides guidance and shares relevant information to help prevent future incidents.

You can engage IR services during major cybersecurity incidents. Examples of major cybersecurity incidents include:

Our end-to-end IR services include:

IR Jumpstart Retainer

The IR JumpStart Retainer is a proactive IR offering that combines a one-hour response time service-level agreement (SLA) with IR planning. It also provides you with priority access to insurance-approved IR experts at a preferred rate, without requiring an upfront pre-purchase of IR hours.

The IR JumpStart Retainer provides a planning template that allows Arctic Wolf to compile the critical information required to quickly respond to any type of cyberattack. This proactive planning makes sure that an IR team can immediately contain threats and restore business systems during an engagement.

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