Configuring ConnectWise Ticket Integration

Configuration Guide


This guide describes how you can use your ConnectWise instance to track the tickets that Arctic Wolf® sends.

To integrate ConnectWise with Arctic Wolf tickets, you need to provide the following information to Arctic Wolf:

Before you begin

If you want to integrate ConnectWise with Arctic Wolf for ticket tracking:

Setting up an API Member

To set up an API Member for Arctic Wolf to use:

  1. Sign in to your ConnectWise instance.

  2. In the navigation pane, click System and then look for the Members option.

  3. From this page, click the API Members tab.

  4. Take one of these actions:

    • Create a new member for Arctic Wolf and fill in the fields as required.

    • Click on an existing member and provide us with a new API Key.

  5. Click the API Keys tab.

  6. Click + to give the key an arbitrary description, and then save changes.

    Note: After you save, the public and private keys are generated. Do not navigate away from this page as the private key is only available during set up.

Enabling the Company_RecID column

To enable columns for Company_RecID:

  1. In the navigation pane, click Companies > Companies.

  2. On the Company page, click the gear beside the page number list to open a dialog box.

  3. Under Hidden Columns, locate Company_RecID, and then select it.

  4. Click > to add Company_RecID to the Visible Column field.

This makes the Company_RecID column visible on the Company page.

Tip: You may need to scroll your results horizontally to find this column.

Providing ConnectWise integration information to Arctic Wolf

To provide the necessary values to Arctic Wolf:

  1. Email Arctic Wolf with this subject: ConnectWise integration for ticket tracking

  2. Paste these values into the ticket for Arctic Wolf:

    • ConnectWise instance URL
    • Company ID from ConnectWise
    • Public key
    • Private key
    • Company_RecID
  3. Include any questions or other information that you have.

  4. Send the email.