Microsoft Azure AD Application Removal

Updated Oct 26, 2023

Remove a Microsoft Azure AD application

Note: Removing subscriptions from the Azure AD application changes the subscriptions that are monitored. It does not stop Azure monitoring.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Find the tenant registered with the Azure AD application.

  3. Click Azure Active Directory.

  4. In the Manage section, click App registrations.

  5. Select the relevant Azure AD application.

    The application overview page opens.

  6. On the Overview page, click Delete.

  7. Read the warning, and then click Accept.

  8. Click Delete.

Tip: Instead of using the Azure portal, you can delete the Azure AD application by running the batch file ad-application-configure-azure.bat as an administrator. Select D - Delete application in the command prompt and, when prompted, authenticate to your Azure tenant as a user with administrator permissions.

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