Onboarding and Self-Service

Arctic Wolf Unified Portal Tickets

Updated Feb 12, 2024

View tickets

  1. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.

  2. Click Tickets.

    The Tickets table displays this information about each ticket:

    Column Description
    Ticket # The ticket number. This is the reference number that Arctic Wolf uses to track support requests and alerts.
    Subject A high-level description of the communication between you and your Concierge Security® Team (CST).
    Status The current ticket state. For example, With Arctic Wolf.
    Ticket Type The ticket category. For example, Support or Information.
    Description The ticket details. This information is different depending on the ticket type. For example, Incident tickets have detailed incident report information, but Other tickets do not.
    Evidence Navigator A preview of any CSV files that are included in the Attachments section of the ticket. If more than one CSV file is attached to the ticket, the section includes a separate table for each. The table columns reflect the columns that Arctic Wolf set up in the CSV file before attaching it to the ticket. To refine the information that displays in a table, enter a search term in the Type to filter field. Results are based on search term matches in any column.
    To The name of the contact who created the ticket. This is the primary contact for the ticket, unless otherwise requested.
    CC (Optional) The names of contacts who will receive email updates when the ticket changes.
    Created The date and time that the ticket was originally created.
    Last Updated The date and time that the ticket was last updated.
    Attachments (Optional) Files that are related to your ticket, if available. For example, if the ticket is an alert about an unexpected event, the ticket may include observations that are related to the event in a CSV file. Note: Attachments are only available for alert tickets if Arctic Wolf has attached them to your ticket.
  3. (Optional) Click the Arrows next to the column heading to sort the information by that criteria.

A dark arrow indicates an active sort.

  1. (Optional) Use the filters to refine the information that displays in the table. For more information, see Tickets table filters.