Onboarding and Self-Service

Arctic Wolf Unified Portal Telemetry Management

Updated Jan 17, 2024

View scanner information

  1. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.

  2. Click Telemetry Management > Scanners.

  3. Click Configure for the scanner that you want to view.

    Tip: If needed, use filters to limit your results. See Scanner filters for more information.

    The Scanner Details page opens to the Scanner Information tab. These configuration details display for the scanner:

    • Scanner Profile — The ID of the scanner.

    • Scanner Name — The name of the scanner.

    • IP — The IP address of the scanner.

    • Scanner UUID — The universally unique identifier (UUID).

    • Netmask — The subnet mask of the scanner.

    • Product Type — The product type. For example, Virtual, or Physical.

    • Connection Status — Displays one of these connection statuses:

      • Connected — The scanner is online.
      • Disconnected — The scanner is offline.
    • Version — The version number of the scanner.

    • Status — Displays one of these scanner statuses:

      • Connected — The scanner is connected to Arctic Wolf®.
      • Scanning — The scanner is actively scanning.
      • Idle — The scanner is waiting for its next scheduled job.
      • Awaiting Activation — The scanner is registered, but not activated.
      • Degraded — The scanner encountered an issue while scanning.
      • Disconnected — The scanner is not visible on the network.
    • Host Identification — Displays whether host identification scans are enabled or disabled.

      Note: Vulnerability scans must also be enabled for host identification scans to work. When host identification is disabled, vulnerability scanning is also disabled. See Enable or disable host identification for more information.

    • Vulnerability Scanning — Displays whether IVA scans are enabled or disabled.

      See Enable or disable vulnerability scanning for more information.

    • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Scanning — When turned on, CGI scans search for well-known vulnerabilities in web apps and similar software.

      See Enable or disable CGI scanning for more information.

    • Brute Force Scanning — Displays whether the scanner checks for brute force attempts in your network.

      See Enable or disable brute force scanning for more information.

    • Ping Only Discovery — Displays whether the scanner only scans hosts that respond to pings.

      See Enable or disable ping only discovery for more information.