Onboarding and Self-Service

Arctic Wolf Unified Portal Scan Schedules

Updated Dec 19, 2023

View scan schedules

  1. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.

  2. Click Telemetry Management > Scan Schedules.

    The Scan Schedules table provides this information about scans that are scheduled to occur:

    Column Description
    Source The source of the scan. Possible values are IVA, EVA, and Agent.
    Name The name of the scan schedule.
    Description The description of the scan schedule.
    Scanning Displays whether the scan schedule is enabled or disabled.
    Status The status of the scan source. Possible values are Scanning, Idle, or Degraded.
    Frequency Displays how often the scan is scheduled to run. Possible values are Once, Continuous, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
    Last scan The date and time that the last scan occurred.
    Next scan The date and time that the next scan is scheduled to occur.
    Targets The targets that the scanner is configured to scan.
    Actions Provides controls that allow you to edit your scan schedule:
    • Click Schedule Details to view additional details about a scan schedule, including when each scan is scheduled to run. For more information, see View scan schedule details.
    • Click Edit to edit a scan schedule. See Edit a scan schedule.
  3. (Optional) Click the Arrows next to the column heading to sort the information by that criteria.

A dark arrow indicates an active sort.

  1. (Optional) Use the filters to refine the information that displays in the table.

    See Scan Schedule table filters for more information.