Onboarding and Self-Service

Arctic Wolf Unified Portal Data Exploration

Updated Jan 26, 2024

View logins by country

The Logins by Country page allows you to filter data by country, date, and status and displays the results in a map and rows.

  1. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.
  2. Click Data Exploration > Logins by Country.
  3. (Optional) Set one or more filters to limit or expand your search results:
    • Calendar — Click the Calendar to select time ranges.
    • Login Status — Add one or more values.
    • Country — Add one or more values.
  4. If you edited one or more filter settings, click Apply Filters.
  5. (Optional) View country login results:
    1. In the map, click a colored circle to view all login events for that geographic region.
    2. For any of the rows below the map, click View Logins.