vScanner Uninstallation on a Standalone ESXi Server

Updated Nov 29, 2023

Uninstall a vScanner from a standalone ESXi server

  1. Decommission the vScanner:
    1. In the Arctic Wolf Portal, click Account > Arctic Wolf Appliance Management.

      A list of deployed vScanner appear on this page.

    2. Locate the name or serial number of the vScanner that you want to decommission.

    3. Under Actions, select the Trash icon, and then click Decommission Virtual Appliance when prompted.

  2. In the ESXi web UI, shutdown the vScanner.
  3. Delete the vScanner :
    1. In the ESXi web UI, select the vScanner .
    2. Click Actions, and then select Delete.
    3. Click Delete.

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