Arctic Wolf Agent Uninstallation on Linux - Multiple Endpoints

Updated Feb 5, 2024

Uninstall Arctic Wolf Agent on Linux

Note: When Arctic Wolf® Agent is uninstalled, devices and associated risks are removed from the MDR Dashboard and Risk Dashboard.

  1. Based on your operating system (OS) and preferred package manager, run one of these commands:
    • Ubuntu using APT:
      sudo apt remove arcticwolfagent
    • CentOS, Red Hat, or Amazon Linux:
      • YUM (preferred):
        sudo yum remove arcticwolfagent
      • Zypper:
        sudo zypper remove arcticwolfagent
      • DNF:
        sudo dnf remove arcticwolfagent
  2. (Optional) If you are not reinstalling Agent, remove the /var/arcticwolfnetworks/agent folder from your device.