Arctic Wolf Agent Installation on Linux - Single Endpoint

Updated Feb 5, 2024

Install Arctic Wolf Agent on a single Linux endpoint

You can install Arctic Wolf® Agent on a single Linux endpoint using the command line.

Tip: To install Agent on multiple endpoints, see Install Arctic Wolf Agent on multiple Linux endpoints.


Before you begin


  1. Download the Agent installer:

    1. Sign in to the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal.
    2. Click > Downloads.
    3. In the Arctic Wolf Agent section, in the Operating System list, select the required operating system.
    4. Click Download Agent.
  2. Extract the Agent zip contents into a folder to access the arcticwolfagent_<version>.deb and customer.json files.

  3. Based on your OS, run one of these commands:

    • Ubuntu:
      sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive AWN_CUSTOMER_JSON=/tmp/customer.json apt install ./arcticwolfagent_<version>.deb
    • Redhat, CentOS, or Amazon Linux:
      sudo AWN_CUSTOMER_JSON=/tmp/customer.json yum install arcticwolfagent_<version>.rpm

    Note: Make sure that the customer.json path is specified correctly. If you receive any errors pertaining to the customer.json file, see Troubleshooting Arctic Wolf Agent on Linux.

  4. When the command line prompts you, install the Linux utilities that are required for your operating system if they are not installed:

    Operating systems Required Linux utilities
    • Debian
    • Linux Mint
    • Ubuntu
    • adduser
    • bsdutils
    • coreutils
    • debconf
    • debianutils
    • dnsutils
    • hostname
    • iproute2
    • iptables
    • libc6 (>= 2.7)
    • lsb-release
    • lshw
    • net-tools
    • network-manager
    • procps
    • systemd
    • usbutils
    • Amazon Linux 2
    • CentOS
    • Oracle Linux
    • Red Hat
    • coreutils
    • hostname
    • iptables
    • lshw
    • net-tools
    • systemd
    • which
    Note: Red Hat, CentOS, and other RPM-based Linux distributions do not require the net-tools utility.
  5. Contact your Concierge Security® Team (CST) at to confirm that Agent data is being received by Arctic Wolf.

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