Arctic Wolf Agent Installation on Windows - Multiple Endpoints

Updated Feb 16, 2024

Install Arctic Wolf Agent in a non-persistent VDI environment

Note: When set up correctly, you will have one online non-persistent VDI device. Duplicate offline devices are automatically purged after three days. If duplicate non-persistent VDI devices appear in the Arctic Wolf Unified Portal, install Arctic Wolf Agent for non-persistent VDI instances again.

Arctic Wolf® Agent supports non-persistent virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) using these VDI solutions:

You can use this to create a master template to deploy non-persistent Windows VDI instances. This resolves issues like duplicate Agent UUIDs and allows for better management of non-persistent Windows instances.

Any non-persistent VDI instances created from this template are:


Before you begin


  1. On the target endpoint system, run this command with administrator permissions to create the initial non-persistent image:

     msiexec /i awn-agent.msi VDI_TEMPLATE_IMAGE=1 /l*v install.log
  2. Using the target endpoint system, create a master template that will be used to create non-persistent VDI instances.

    Deploy non-persistent instances using the master template.

Next steps